AI/AR-powered Dermatological screening

Etta is an Artificial Intelligence that uses massive datasets of hospital-verified images to provide a data-driven skin insight. The insight that Etta provides is determined by level of risk (Low, Medium, High). Values for accuracy, precision, recall, sensitivity and specificity are used to determine your risk.

Take a photo

Take a photo within the app or upload a photo of an existing skin concern.

Receive your skinsight

Etta will provide a 'skinsight' and place your skin concern into one of three possible risk categories - low, medium, or high. In all cases, Etta will provide the option to book a doctor after indicating the level of risk.

Monitor and track changes

Store photos and set reminders for any ongoing skin concerns to continuously track and monitor your skin between doctor appointments.

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Meet the Founders

Charu Singhal

Charu Singhal

Builder & CEO

Charu is a Machine Learning Engineer from Chicago IL. Her background is a combination of arts and technology, and she built the AI engine behind Etta. When she's not stats'ing or cleaning datasets, Charu loves composing music, teaching English as a Second Language, and (badly) dancing Ballet.

Joanna Zurawek

Joanna Zurawek

Builder & CTO

Joanna is a Software Engineer from Chicago, IL with a degree in Computer Science. She is versed in a variety of technologies, but her focus is on mobile and backend development. When she's not writing code and making apps, she loves playing video games and spending time with her dachshund, Bento.